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Dr. Soós Tibor Law Office

Address: 1021 Budapest, Hűvösvölgyi út 81. 
Tel: 06/1/274-2607; 06/20/999-8850




Civil law 

Representation in court and out of court

·         Property law

o    drafting and countersigning sales contracts, exchange agreements and gift deeds

o    drafting rental and leasehold contracts

o    drafting and countersigning documents of leasehold, appurtenant easement and mortgage commencement, amendment and termination; land registry administration

o    preparation and modification of condominium association charter documents, bylaws, policies

o    administration of plot restructuring (land redistribution , land subdivision, land integration, settlement boundaries)

o    preparation of documents in relation to commencement and termination of co-ownership

o    Our office provides consulting in relation to tax and other payment obligations, allowances and exemptions arising from transfer of property

o    Our office provides comprehensive advisory to land registry administration services

·         Probate law

o    Preparation of  last wills

o    Drafting inheritance contracts and maintenance agreements

o    Consulting and representation in  relation to probate


Corporate law

·         Company formation and establishment 

·         preparation and modification of articles of association, representation in official procedures

·         preparation of documents in relation to transactions (fusion, mergers and acquisitions or M&A, withdrawal, demerger) and  representation

·         preparation of Internal Regulations, preparation of corporate documents and legal instruments, and legal representation in court and out of court

  • Dissolution of company

o   representation of the liquidator in the liquidation procedure

o   representation of corporate executives and shareholders in the liquidation procedure

o   preparation of documents and legal representation in dissolution procedures from the decision to the company’s termination

o   legal consulting, representation and preparation of documents for associations, co-operatives, financial institutions, sole proprietors


Labour law

In the competitive sector, in relation to the application of the provisions of the Labour Code, We provide legal consulting, preparation of documents and representation both in court and out of court for employers and employees

  • In the public sector, in relation to the Code of Civil Servants and Legal Status of Public Servants, we provide legal advisory, preparation documents and representation both in and out of court.
  • Preparation and modification of the Labour Regulations, collective agreements, works council agreements, Civil Servants and Public Servant’s regulation.

Non-governmental organizations

  • preparation of Articles of Association for foundations, representation in the registration process, legal  advisory and preparation of documents of companies and organizations established by Foundations
  • preparation of articles of association of unions, representation in the registration process, legal advisory and preparation of documents


Public administrative matters

  • tax compliance, labour inspection, immigration proceedings, expropriation proceedings, action in rem
  • legal advisory  and representation in administrative cases
  • submission of appeals against the decisions of Court of First Instance, legal representation in the appellate process
  • legal representation in the judicial review of administrative decisions

Criminal cases  

  • Criminal defence representation in corporate type and traffic in relation to crime, copyright protection and narcotics related matters
  • Representation of injured parties


Insurance, Social Security (health insurance, pension insurance, rehabilitation allowance)  cases

  • Legal advisory, drafting documents, legal representation in and out of court in relation to industrial accidents, occupational diseases, National Health Insurance Fund compensation

·         Legal advisory in relation to the Social Security Acts

  • Legal advisory  and representation  in relation to establishment of reduced work ability
  • Legal representation in relation to  property, personal and liability insurance

Represantion of state agencies and local governments

  • continuous legal advisory
  •  Drafting and  countersigning all types of contracts
  • conduct of Public Procurments processes
  • legal representation in and out of court